Buongiorno Migliorino’s!

I am Emilio Migliorino, son of Francesco Migliorino. My grand-father was Emilio, brother of Pasquale and Florigi’s nephew.

Me during the Way to Santiago, Octber2019

This blog is for us, everyone can give their own ideas to better organize the next September meeting in Italy, The location is in Santa Lucia Cilento, a small town in southern Italy, where Florigi and her sisters were born and his brother Francesco (my great-grandfather), Pasquale were born.

If you like, you can insert a comment as a presentation and, why not, a nice picture of you!

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  1. I am Robin Migliorino, daughter of Jim, Granddaughter of Frank, Great Granddaughter of Florigi. I have been working on the family tree. I am attempting to post what I have from my Dad’s generation back.

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