Family Tree

After a long search at the town hall of Santa Lucia (located in Sessa Cilento), I found the birth certificates of our ancestors, we are talking about late 1700s.

Most of our ancestors were farmers, some owned a piece of land for cultivation. This “piece of land” was handed down from father to son. In fact the main activity in that period was agriculture.

It was a very hard job, sometimes the children could not finish school to help their parents work the land, just imagine that there were no agricultural machines in those times. There were no working hours, they worked until the evening. It was the only source of income for them in those times.

The first ancestors that I found are Francesco Migliorino born in 1790 married to Fortunata Di Nicuolo born in 1792. I don’t know how many children they had, but Pasquale Migliorino, born May 13, 1828, is our ancestor. He married Filomena Orrico born on January 2, 1838.

Pasquale and Filomena had 8 children:

  • Francesco born on 20 October 1857 married to Maria Antonia Falcione. They had 10 children including my grandfather Emilio and Pasquale, Laura and Monica’s grandfather. My grandfather told me that Francesco worked in the United States, he was a day laborer, he also worked in the construction of the railway. He often returned to Italy to bring help to the family. I still have a green trunk that they used to ship clothes and other things. My grandfather Emilio told me that Francesco was also returning to have a new son! Francesco also set up a blacksmith workshop for his son Emilio, in fact my grandfather has always worked as a blacksmith in Santa Lucia.
  • Maria Fortunata born in 1859
  • Luigi Antonio born in 1862
  • Carolina born in 1865
  • Gabriele born in 1872
  • Rosalba born in 1876
  • Lucia born 1879
  • Florigi born in 1883, Jim and Bob’s grandfather
Birth certificate of Francesco Migliorino 1857