The story about Florigi ( called Zio Emilio here).

He was born in Santa Lucia (Italy) in 1883.
It was always said that he stowed away on a boat out of Naples
at age of 14 years old. He knew of some Italians in Pittsburgh and went from New York, where the boat landed, to Pittsburgh. But there were too many shoemakers in Pittsburgh so he was sent to Cleveland where they needed showmakers.

Thanks to Bob and Fran Migliorino for the pictures.

Florigi’s birth certificate
Florigi's Family
Florigi’s Family: Lina, Emil, Patrick, Minnie, Florence & Frank ( on grammas lap) – August 8, 1912
Florigi, Pasquale & Francesco
Francesco, Pasquale & Florigi Migliorino
Patrick Migliorino (Florigi’s son), fishing in Ohio on the Fourth of July in 1949
Patrick Migliorino, 1980
Patrick Migliorino, 1957
Frank Migliorino (Florigi’s son)
Frank Migliorino (Florigi’s son)