Relatives attending the family reunion

Hello beautiful family,
In the small town of Santa Lucia there will be our reunion family next September.

Some relatives are already planning to attend the meeting.

Here is the list:

  • Jim Migliorino, he will arrive in Naples on September 18th from Newark, he will be staying in B&B Benvenuti nel Sud.
  • Darlene (Migliorino) D’arcy, Brian, Morgan, and Derek, they will arrive on September 18th, they will be staying in B&B Benvenuti nel Sud.
  • Doug, Annette, Harrison and Maria, they have already booked the flight, they will be staying in B&B Vacanze Santa Lucia.
  • Chuck, Chuckie and Dani Park, the will be staying in B&B Vacanze Santa Lucia from Thursday to Monday.
  • Kareen is looking for a flight and will come with a friend of hers.
  • Robin Migliorino
  • Bryan and Teresita
  • Marc Migliorino
  • George and Anita Harabin
  • Arlene and Kareen
  • Louis Luempert, Lori, Chip, Jenn, Laura, infant
  • Gretchen and her husband
  • Denny and Gail

2 Replies to “Relatives attending the family reunion”

  1. I am so disappointed that I cannot be there, neither can my sister Monica. We both teach, that’s in the middle of the semester and we cannot take time off.

    I’ll be adding lots of photos and more family history when I can.
    Salute Tutti!!!
    Laura Migliorino

  2. Ciao Laura,
    I’m sorry that you and Monica can’t attend the meeting.
    We are waiting for the photos and family stories!
    Emilio Migliorino

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