Tour in Italy during the reunion family

Good morning beautiful family!

I thought I’d give you some tips to organize your trip to Italy.
If you have a few days available, in addition to attending the family reunion, you could visit some part of Italy.
I thought something like this:

day 1: Flight to Rome: stay at least 3 days in Rome to visit the city and the Vatican.

day 2 an day 3: Visit Rome. Rome is a lovely city, an open-air museum. I can suggest you the place to stay, it is called Rione Monti, a quiet and historic district of the city, there are many typical restaurants at a good price, the atmosphere is like in Italian Movie! In case I will give you all the places to visit. Rome can be visited by walking, or by metro or bus.

train information and tickets:

Rome from Rione Monti.

day 4: Train to Florence, about an hour and a half trip.
day 5 and day 6: Visit Folrence. Beautiful city, full of art, 2 days are enough to visit it.
Santa Maria Novella is a calm neighborhood, here you can stay without spending so much.

train information and tickets:

Florence, Ponte Vecchio

day 6: Train to Venice, about 2 hours.
day 7 and day 8: Visit Venice. Unique city in the world, I’ve been there a few times, each time has been different, it’s nice to get lost in the small streets of the city, outside the tourist streets. Venice is a city where everything costs a lot, but I know of non-touristy places to eat well for little price. To sleep the ideal would be in the city center, so go out and be ready to visit. Hotel prices are above average, but by booking in advance you can find good deals. I stayed outside the city in Mestre. Every day you have to take a bus that takes 20 minutes. Venice can be visited by walking or by taking the so-called “vaporetti”, a small boats that take you everywhere in the city.
There are islands that are worth visiting, Murano, Burano for example.
I think 3 days is enough.

train information and tickets:

Venice, the “gondole”

day 9: Flight to Naples or train to Salerno.
Naples is about 2 hours from Santa Lucia, the town where the meeting will be held and Salerno is about 1 hour away.

train information and tickets:

Flights Information and tickets:

This is just an idea. I can help you to better organize your visit, let me know what you think by leaving a comment if you want.

See you very soon in Italy!

Cousin Emilio

6 Replies to “Tour in Italy during the reunion family”

  1. Hi Emilio,
    Thank you very much for all these ideas.
    Several years ago we toured Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and Lake Garda. Last year, my son traveled to Rome, Perugia and Venice. On my dad’s side of the family, they are from the Calabria region and thought about seeing some of that region and Sicily. Knowing that we have a short visit, would you suggest that it’s worth our time to see Calabria and Sicily or would you recommend the Italian Lakes area (which we loved)? I welcome your opinion.

    1. Hi Annette,
      I worked in both Calabria and Sicily, two beautiful places, but I prefer Sicily. You can rent a car, so cross Calabria, for example visiting Tropea and then arrive in Sicily. In Sicily everywhere beautiful, I know the north well, the part of the region that goes from Messina to Palermo passing through Cefalu ‘. The south of Sicily is also wonderful as Ragusa, Siracusa. If you have 7-10 days and taking a rental car then you can do it!
      If you need more information, all you have to do is ask!

  2. WOW, what a fantastic job by you and Katrien. Something for the family to cherish for ever. I am excited for September to come.

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